​What if we could test drugs without using animals at a lower cost with better results? We can and we are.

 " Millions of animals​ are subjected to terrifying and painful experiments by companies, universities, hospitals and the US government and results from animal experiments rarely translate to improvements in human health.

Nonanimal models for education, research and testing are the best way to improve public health and prevent and end animal suffering ". 

Dr. Neal Barnard Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


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​​​​Ady Gil rescued 1,400 monkeys from Mazor Farm in Israel for 2 million dollars to save them from research labs. The Mazor Farm stopped exporting monkeys born in the wild for experimental use in June 2012, following a High Court of Justice ruling. In January 2013, meanwhile, Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein supported then-environmental protection minister Gilad Erdan’s decision that the Mazor Farm be entirely shut down by January 2015. As per government determinations, it is illegal to export any monkey in Israel born after January 15, 2015.

On December 17, Weinstein approved two Mazor Farm requests to export 240 and 200 monkeys, respectively, to farms in the United States, where they would be used for medical research. He approved a portion of a similar third request, authorizing the export of 120 out of a requested 440 for medical research purposes in the US. Regarding the remaining 320, Weinstein wrote in his decision that insufficient information had been supplied about their intended destination. On December 22, Ady Gil announced that he would donate the money necessary to rescue all of the monkeys.Monkey rescue obtained ownership of all the monkeys, meaning they will not be exported, the NGO said.

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Primarily Primates, San Antonio Texas

   Save The Chimps, Ft. Pierce FL

The Nonhuman Rights Project for the Legal Personhood of Nonhuman Animals

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Non Animal Testing Research Methods

White Coat Waste Project

                                  Hope For The Future

" One of my greatest joys is being able to assist other organizations in completing our mutual goals of ending animal research and providing loving sanctuary to ex lab primates".  Kim Hale

"There are more advanced and accurate methods for cosmetic and medical research than experimenting on animals. I am opposed to harming any of God's creatures who have been subjected to cruelty ". Luba Fedus


Primates Inc. Sanctuary, Westfield WI

Project Chimps , Georgia

  Jungle Friends Sanctuary, Gainsville, FL