Eliminating the animal model from non-human bio medical research labs.

The FDA estimated that 92 percent of drugs that pass clinical tests, including animal tests, fail to proceed to market. More recent analysis suggests the despite efforts to improve the predictability of animal testing the failure rate has increased and is close to 96
Promising human-relevant research methods, such as organs- on-chips, sophisticated uses of human stem cells, genomics and proteomics, imaging, and computer modeling, can replace animals. 




Then for the monkeys who survive the cargo flights and life at Primate Products,

they are then sent to research labs all over the USA to suffer needlessly

without pain medication and die. 

Only to then wind up at Primate Products in Hendry County Florida. Where they are treated as products instead of the living, feeling beings that they are !


          The mission of MPR is to aid in the establishment of retirement sanctuaries for primates in research.  

                        MPR also supports legislative action to end non- human bio medical primate research.


The primates are then flown on 30-40 hour cargo flights. Imagine being a monkey with boundless energy and being crated up as cargo and how much they suffer on the flights.

Monkey Rescue  

This is the beautiful Island of Mauritius where the monkeys are captured from their home to ultimately wind up in gruesome research labs.

Amy Kerwin Primates Inc.

Thank you for supporting primate sanctuaries. So few know about the need to help monkeys.

I really appreciate the good work that Mauritius Primate Rescue Inc does. They are dedicated and responsible.

Margaret Anne Simpson-Coughlin / Center for Spiritual Development​

"An incredible cause... Thank you for caring for animals... "

Cheryl Darling Rodriguez / Animal Advocate

I'm SO impressed with the efforts MPR and Ann Hale are going through for this essential effort to stop the sadistic, systematic capture and torture of young primates, who are maybe a chromosome away from being human!!!
There are so many other methods of testing out there besides animal testing 
Please donate if you can, or spread the word if you can't !
 Emily MacDonald / Animal Advocate



​​​*Society's attitude is shifting largely if not entirely to non-animal testing methods. The new approach relies on modern medical advancements such as Organs on a Chip. This eliminates the animal model from the lab, is much more cost effective and yields greater, more accurate results applicable to human health.

*Medical research using Animal models is slow, expensive and provides poor results. There are millions of animals suffering needlessly in labs. It is time in every one's best interest to make the inhumane, useless practice of animal testing obsolete.

*As modern medicine advances, monkeys in non-human biomedical research labs will one day become obsolete. 





Monkey Rescue