​What if we could test drugs without using animals at a lower cost with better results? We can and we are.

 " Millions of animals​ are subjected to terrifying and painful experiments by companies, universities, hospitals and the US government and results from animal experiments rarely translate to improvements in human health.

Nonanimal models for education, research and testing are the best way to improve public health and prevent and end animal suffering 

Dr. Neal Barnard Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


Non Animal Testing Research Methods

  Jungle Friends Sanctuary, Gainsville, FL

            Hope For The Future



                        Monkey Rescue

Primates Inc. Sanctuary, Westfield WI

Primate Incorporated was founded by Amy Kerwin. Ms. Kerwin was an ex- primate researcher. What Ms. Kerwin witnessed in the labs has forever haunted her and motivated her to found Primates Inc. a 

primate research retirement sanctuary where primates can live out the remainder of their lives in loving care.

Monkey Rescue