🐒MAURITIUS PRIMATE RESCUE INC 501-3🐒                                       

                          The mission of MPR is to aid in establishing research retirement sanctuaries

                 for primates, public advocacy and education and to support legislative action to end animal research.


Thousands of Primates are being imported from the Island of Mauritius to Primate Products in Hendry County Florida where they are being sold to labs all over the US and subjected to terrifying, useless and painful experiments.

"Here is Timon, the 8-yr-old male rhesus monkey, outdoors for the first time in his life , in the walkway to his outdoor enclosure! We now have gotten 4 out of 5 monkeys outside—almost there! Thanks to all of the volunteers, donors, Lush Cosmetics, Bob Barker, and MPR Mauritius Primate Rescue for making the outdoor enclosures a reality!​  "                      

Amy Kerwin Founder of Primates Inc. Madison WI






Did you Know?


  • Tens of thousands of monkeys who were captured and imported from the Island of Mauritius are imprisoned at Primate Products in Henry County Florida?  

  • Did you know  these monkeys will spend their entire lives behind bars as research subjects (without pain medication) at hospitals and universities all over the US being funded by tax payer dollars?  


  • Before arriving at Primate Products in Hendry County Florida from the beautiful island of Mauritius, these intelligent, sensitive primates are torn from their homes and families, locked inside small wooden crates on Air France in the cargo holds and forced to endure grueling, frightening flights that often last more than 30 hours.​

  • "The monkeys at Primate Products in Hendry County Florida are then sold to hospital and university laboratories in the United States.  Primates are violently force-fed chemicals, inflicted with brain damage, crippled, addicted to cocaine or alcohol, deprived of food and water, or psychologically tormented and ultimately killed. ​        

Courtesy of Save the Monkeys

Wyss Institute researchers and a multidisciplinary team of collaborators have adapted computer microchip manufacturing methods to engineer microfluidic culture devices that recapitulate the microarchitecture and functions of living human organs, including the lung, intestine, kidney, skin, bone marrow and blood-brain barrier, among others. These microdevices, called Organs-on-Chips (Organ Chips) are eliminating the animal model from research.

Response to Covid 19 using Organs on a Chip

Beating back the Corona Virus

Public outrage at the suffering of these monkeys being flown around the globe to die in laboratory experiments has led the majority of airlines to refusing to carry this cruel cargo. Air France can take a pallot of 80 animals and continue to fly monkeys from Mauritius, destination Primate Products Hendry County Florida.

Images of Primates suffering at Primate Products as revealed through a PETA undercover investigation.

Organs on a Chip 


Eliminating the animal model from research labs.


" Stop the Monkey Business"


​​​*Society's attitude is shifting largely if not entirely to non-animal testing methods. The new approach relies on modern medical advancements such as Organs on a Chip. This eliminates the animal model from the lab, is much more cost effective and yields greater, more accurate results applicable to human health.

*Medical research using Animal models is slow, expensive and provides poor results. There are millions of animals suffering needlessly in labs. It is time in every one's best interest to make the inhumane, useless practice of animal testing obsolete.

*As modern medicine advances, animals in labs will one day become obsolete.